Photo by Aaron Wilton.

Getting involved

How can you become involved with GBIF New Zealand?

There are multiple ways you can get involved. The sections below provide a brief description of the main ways you can participate.

Make use of the biodiversity data

Use the data mobilised through the GBIF network to support your research or interests, and then acknowledge the use of that data. For more information see Using data.

Mobilise your biodiversity data

Become a data publisher by mobilising the biodiversity data that your organisation holds through the GBIF network. For more information see Mobilising Biodiversity Data.

Join the conversation

GBIF New Zealand is at the start of a new phase. How can we build a community and processes that enable us to share biodiversity data in ways that are ethical, equitable and benefit all of NZ?

Topics we want to hear about:

  • what are the best was of reaching you? (e.g., mail list; blog; social media)
  • questions you may have
  • datasets you consider a priority for mobilising
  • impediments to mobilising data
  • training needs to mobilise and use the data
  • ideas to help grow the biodiversity data community in Aotearoa New Zealand

We hope to provide a number of avenues to take part in these conversations in the future. In the meantime please contact us via email

Tell us about it

Tell us about biodiversity data related activities that we can highlight as news items on the GBIF-NZ website. These activities may include a range of topics such as:

  • biodiversity or biodiversity data events
  • mobilisation of biodiversity data sets
  • establishment and/or progress of biodiversity data initatives
  • research using GBIF mobilised data
  • benefits that have occurred through the use or mobilisation of biodiversity data
  • new tools for collecting, managing or using biodiversity data

Please send a news item, or suggestions for news items, to

Help spread the word

  • Invite us to give a presentation
  • Mention GBIF New Zealand and/or GBIF in your articles, presentations etc whenever it is relevant
  • Encourage people or organisations with biodiversity data to mobilise that data using the GBIF network
  • Help translate, develop, and/or maintain content for this website

Help transcribe biodiversity data

There are a number of online sites where volunteers can go to assist organisations by transcribing biodiversity data from images of notebook, diaries or collection objects. At this stage these are predominantly for collections held overseas, however institutes in Aotearoa New Zealand do use these platforms periodically.

Two examples of online portals, both relating to natural history collections, are:

Some natural history collections in New Zealand also welcome volunteers to assist on-site with imaging, transcription or other collection functions. These collections are mainly held by museums, universities, botanic gardens and Crown Research Institutes. If you would like to volunteer you should contact a local collection-holding organisation to see if they are welcoming volunteers. Please note that due to various constraints not all institutes will be able to welcome volunteers. The following resources provide lists that may help you locate your local collection(s).