(c) V.A. Wilton, 2021 Photo by V.A. Wilton.

Roadmap for GBIF-New Zealand

Identifying and prioritising the work required is an important step in establishing a thriving GBIF-NZ community.


This is a draft high level roadmap that focuses on five goals to meet the vision and outcomes, and shows the alignment of areas of activity to these goals.

Goals (draft)

  • Empower: Create a coordinated and sustainable community of biodiversity data holders, informatics experts data users and decision makers
  • Improve: improve capability and capacity; provide and enhance abilities and resources to support data mobilisation; identify and remove barriers for mobilisation.
  • Promote: increase awareness of the value, availability, and use of biodiversity data
  • Mobilise: encourage and support delivery of New Zealand’s primary biodiveristy data
  • Enhance: Support data publishers to increase the scope and the quality of biodiversity data they mobilise.

Activity areas

Activity Empower Improve Promote Mobilise Enhance
Implement a communication plan + + + +
Implement a hosted node for GBIF-NZ + + + + +
Develop governance tools and frameworks + + + +
Provide a IPT hosting network + + + +
Undertake a user needs analysis + + +
Inventory NZ primary biodiversity datasets + +
Prioritise datasets for mobilisation + + +
Support mobilisation of datasets + +
Undertake gap analysis of capability and capacity + + + + +
Undertake gap analysis of primary biodiversity data + +
Implement a training and support programme + + + + +

Roadmap (Indicative)

Indicative timing of activities aligned to phases of implementation.

Phase Theme Indicative timing
Establish Establish processes, programmes and infrastucture to support GBIF New Zealand 2021-2023
Engage Building participation in, and awareness of, GBIF New Zealand 2022-2024
Mobilise Mobilisation of priority data 2022-2024
Expand Capacity building and increased mobilisation 2023-2026
Mature Maturing and supporting - including reviewing progress 2025-

Indicative effort for each phase. Note that most phases overlap and integrate.

Implement a hosted node for GBIF-NZ+++++++In parallel, higher levels of functionality may be identified and lead to the adoption of Living Atlas or similar approaches. Implementation of that approach would fall into the Improve phase.
Develop and agree governance tools and frameworks+++++++++
Implement a communication plan+++++++++
Provide a IPT hosting network++++++++
Undertake a user needs analysis+++++++
Inventory NZ primary biodiversity data+++++++
Undertake gap analysis of primary biodiversity data++++++++
Prioritise datasets for mobilisation+++++++Highest priority datasets include those supporting national and international reporting (e.g., GBF)
Support mobilisation of datasets+++++++++
Undertake gap analysis of capabilty and capacity+++++++
Implement a training and support programme+++++++++