Photo by Aaron Wilton

Strategy for GBIF New Zealand

A draft strategy for GBIF New Zealand.

This strategy is a draft that has been developed to seek feedback from the biodiversity data holders, data users and other stakeholders in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Vision for GBIF New Zealand (Draft)

Comprehensive biodiversity information is available to underpin research, policymaking and management of our unique New Zealand biota.

Outcomes (Draft)

  • New Zealand has a solution for open-access to primary biodiversity data through the proven infrastructure provided by GBIF.
  • New Zealand’s biodiversity information infrastructure is enhanced by access to GBIF network and tools that facilitate mobilising of datasets.
  • New Zealand government agencies, researchers and communities actively access and use GBIF-mediated biodiversity data.
  • Capacity and expertise to facilitate use and mobilisation to GBIF is available and resourced.
  • Gaps in coverage, completeness and resolution of New Zealand biodiversity information are identified and priority datasets mobilised.
  • New Zealand has open-access data to support science and decisions addressing biodiversity loss and climate change from local to global scales.